Your Subconscious Mind is DEAF so stop talking to it and…

Your Subconscious Mind is DEAF so stop talking to it and… feed it some pictures, mind pictures or images that is.

I’ve heard and read for years that your subconscious mind does not “hear” negatives, but yesterday I was listening to The Success Principals by Jack Canfield and he went on to explain that the subconscious mind does not “hear” the negative because the subconscious mind deals only in images.

This was a revelation to me. I have intellectually understood the concept of the universe not hearing a negative such as I don’t want to go to the meeting or I don’t want to eat breakfast and the universe hearing I want to go to the meeting or I want to eat breakfast. Well it’s more than that. Your subconscious doesn’t HEAR so what it gets from our words is Your Subconscious Mind is DEAF so stop talking to it and - brainthe image those words evoke and guess what – when we use negatives it recieves an image of …. you guessed it … an image of what you don’t want.

Yesterday this came home to me on a new level. It was an A-HA moment for me.

Our subconscious mind is our helper. It will go to work to help us create the images we send to it. It does NOT judge that image. It does not ask WHY we want that image. It does not ask us if we are sure that is the image what we want. It gets an image and goes to work seeking to find and bring into your experience anything and everything to HELP us create the IMAGE — NOT the reverse of the image.

The more we repeatedly send the same image the more time and effort it puts into finding people places and things to show up in our life to help us achieve this image. Add emotion to this repeated image and violá it starts appearing faster. The rub is we unconsciously put a lot of emotion into things we don’t want expecting them to change.

Just think about how often we use our mind images in a way we don’t intend.

  • Stop playing with you food – creates an image of – playing with your food.
  • Don’t slam the door – creates an image of – slamming the door
  • I don’t want to buy a red car – creates an image of – buying a red car
  • I don’t like it when you’re late – creates an image of – seeing the person arrive late
  • I don’t want a Pepsi – creates an image of – a Pepsi
  • I’m afraid to fly – creates an image of – being afraid of flying
  • Don’t you dare leave this house – creates an image of – leaving this house
  • This is a terrible market – creates an image of – a terrible market

Now we can start using our words to create images instead to get what we intend. If we send a differnent message we will get a different image and get a different result.

  • Enjoy your breafast.
  • Close the door gently on your way out
  • I see myself driving a blue car
  • It makes me smile when you arrive timely
  • I could really enjoy a Coke
  • I truly delight in flying
  • I find joy in having you around the house
  • The market is improving and I see signs of it every day

Which mind images are you sending to your subconscious? Are they the images you are intending to create in your life?

Either way your HELPER is working night and day to bring you EXACTLY the image you are sending to it.

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