Winter staging tips!

When selling your home in the winter, the art of staging the inside becomes more important.

Here are some tips that will make your home feel more inviting during the cold winter months:

Keep your house warm.

In the winter people tend to turn the thermostat down to save money, however a warmer house is more welcoming to a potential buyer.
Clear your walkways and driveways of any snow or ice.

Make it easy for buyers to get to your home.
Clean the windows and blinds.

Letting in the natural light can brighten up a room and cheer up the home. This also brings attention to the windows and blinds so make
sure they are clean even during winter. Dirty windows will make the home appear neglected.
Background music played softly can completely change the atmosphere, which will make the home feel cozy and keep potential
buyers around longer. Select classical music to appeal to anyone.
Leave the light on.

Before showing a home, make sure it’s well lit. A well lit home is more inviting. If you’re not home, consider setting up timers.


Following these simple tips can give your house that added boost in today’s competitive market. For information on selling in our
local market, please contact us for a free market analysis of our recent neighborhood activity. We are more than happy to answer
any questions you might have!


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