Best Islands to Live On:Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Best Island to Live on:



Although there are about a million reasons why living in Emerald Isle, NC is the best,
this article from points out a few of those.

1. The Cost of Island Life.  Unlike remote islands, it takes a 15 minute car ride to get off the island
and to more affordable groceries, gas, and shopping.

2. On-the-beach Homes.  The costs of beach homes is way less here on Emerald Isle then if you went to a
highly developed beach resort area such as the Florida Keys or Maui.

3. How a Day Starts. “Just as you find on distant islands, people go to bed early on Emerald Isle.
The best part of the day is sunrise. By 6 a.m., a handful of people are on the beach with a coffee
cup in one hand and a dog leash in the other.”

4. The Weekend: Plenty of room on the beach for everyone to enjoy.

5. Way Out of Touch: Our island is not overly developed, their are no chain restaurants,
fast food drive thru, or massive hotels to block the views.

Emerald Isle is a terrific place to live or to come and visit.  Things are low key and time moves slow on Emerald Isle

If you have never been to Emerald Isle before, I seriously suggest you add it to your bucket list!

For more reasons on why Emerald Isle is the best island to live on, click here.


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