Home Repair Jobs When You Are Stuck Inside This Winter



 Simple Home Repair Jobs to Lift You Out of Winter’s Funk


Nobody likes to be stuck inside during the winter.  Might as well get some simple home repair jobs done while you have the time.

Here is a list of great ideas of things to tackle this winter while you are waiting on warmer weather.

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1.  Sagging towel rack or wobbly toilet tissue holder

2.  Squeaky door hinges

3.  Creaky floor boards

4.  Rusty shutoff valves.

5.  Blistered paint on shower ceilings.

6.  Loose handles or hinges on furniture, cabinets, and doors.

7.  Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

8.  Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.

9.  Exhaust filter for the kitchen stove.

10.  Clothes dryer vent.

11.  Drain hoses.

12.  Electrical cords


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Simple Home Repair Jobs to Lift You Out of Winter’s Funk