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Home Maintenance Tips: Keeping Moisture at Bay


Moisture is your home’s No. 1 enemy.

“Water can destroy the integrity of your foundation, roof, walls, and floors — your home’s entire structure. So a leaky gutter isn’t just annoying; it’s compromising your foundation.”

Follow This Easy 4-Step Routine

1.  When it rains, pay close attention to areas of your home to make sure the water is draining as need to be.

2.  When the rain stops, do a inspection of areas in your home for any damage or leaks such as your roof, siding, foundation, windows, doors, ceilings, and basement.

3.  “Use daylight savings days or the spring and fall equinox to remind you to check and test water-related appliances like your washer, refrigerator, water heater, HVAC (condensation in your HVAC can cause leaks) or swamp cooler, and sump pump. It’s also a great time to do regular maintenance on them. Inspect any outdoor spigots and watering systems for leaks, too.”

4.  Make sure you repair any issues ASAP as those issues can turn into MAJOR problems down the road.

“Don’t procrastinate when you spot minor leaks or drips inside your house. Ongoing small leaks can slowly erode pipes and fixtures, and even cause mold and mildew issues you won’t notice until it’s too late.”

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