Emerald Isle NC Turtle Protection Program

Emerald Isle NC Sea Turtle Protection Program 2012 Season

Sea turtles

(All updates provided courtesy of Turtle Protection Program Coordinators)

General Sea Turtle Nesting Information as provided by Turtle Protection Program Coordinators Pam Minnick and Jim Craig:from the 2012 Season

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May 1st thru October 31st
is Sea Turtle Nesting & Hatching Season
in Emerald Isle, NC

Please HELP by observing the following:

* FILL IN ALL HOLES that your children dig (mother turtles can get stuck AND people walking at night can be seriously injured?

* REMOVE tents, toys and beach gear overnight!

* KEEP OUTSIDE LIGHTS OFF at night (they disturb nesting mother turtles and distract hatching baby turtles toward the light but away from the ocean which is where they need to go)

* PICK UP TRASH especially plastic bags (turtles think they are jellyfish which is their main food source and eat them and get sick)

* FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL in North Carolina (the noise keeps mother turtles from coming on shore to nest and disturbs baby turtles during hatching)

* CALL THE EMERALD ISLE NC POLICE at 252-354-2021 if you see a nesting or hatching turtle or anyone disturbing a marked turtle nest area

No flashlights or flash photography…If you see a nesting or hatching sea turtle please STAY QUIET, sit down and enjoy the show !!


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