ActiveRain and Market Leader my highlight of the NAR convention in San Diego

I’m home and unpacking from the NAR Convetion in San Diego and I just have to share my highlight of the convention.

Saturday Amy Hahn and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting booth number 2425 at the NAR Expo where we met up in person with Brad Andersohn of ActiveRain and John Lockhart and Mica Schonbeck of Market Leader. First I want to say thank you Market Leader for allowing ActiveRain to host the AR Lounge in your booth area. We truly appreciated having such a great meeting place.

Amy Hahn, Brad Andersohn & Kathryn Gorham at the Active Rain Lounge San Diego

We got to the ActiveRain lounge in time to witness Brad signing up a new member, Erika, to ActiveRain. It was a first for Brad to actually key in a new member and get their profile up and running. As Brad shared with Erika how to get started in ActiveRain, what ActiveRain is about and how to get the most from your experience we got to pick up some tips too.

What fun and how neat it was to visit nose to nose with Brad and hear him telling his story of how he came to ActiveRain.

Next we played ActiveRain Trivia at the lounge where my question was: Who is the number one agent in ActiveRain in my state, North Carolina? Instantly the image of Debe Maxwell’s ActiveRain photo popped into my head as I answered my trivia question with ease.

Brad asked another trivia question that I didn’t know the answer to and that was: Who wrote the first ever post on ActiveRain? When no one got the answer he told us. It was Jonathan Washburn, co-founder and CEO of ActiveRain, in June of 2006. It must have been a majic question because just seconds later Jon walked into the lounge and we got to meet him. He’s quite the handsome young man.

If you’re curious about that first blog post… as I was… here’s the link to the June 25, 2006.

The New Real Estate Bubble

Brad left us with a flyer to the January 12-15th RainCamp and Inman News Real Estate Connect NYC 2010. Hmm… NOW I know what to ask Santa for this year. Any ActiveRain members that want to share housing?

Market Leader John Lockhart and Mica Schonbeck

After a fun filled visit to the lounge and of-course a picture with Brad we popped in to visit with and thank Market Leader.

John Lockhart and Mica Schonbeck of Market Leader

John and Mica were a delight to talk to at the Expo. They came as a comedy tag team making us laugh as they shared the goodies on their service.

Market Leader’s Agent product, JustListed, helps agents:

  • Generate 15 active buyer prospects every month – GUARANTEED
  • Convert prospects into closed business
  • Differentiate yourself and get an edge on your competition
  • Secure your position as the local authority on home buying

They also have products for Teams and for Broker Owners check out their website Market Leader.

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