3 major things to know about the 2014 housing market!

3 major things to know about the 2014 housing market!
Information from housingwire.com

No. 1: 2014 should prove to be the strongest year for housing activity since before the Great Recession.

“Propelling home sales are job growth and housing affordability.”

No. 2: Demographics should start to favor housing activity.

“Beginning in 2014, the pace of household formations should accelerate to an above-trend pace
for several years, pushing up housing demand”

No. 3: Mortgage availability shouldn’t worsen and may improve.

“The good news is that new Qualified Mortgage lending rules from the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau exempt home mortgages that qualify for purchase or
securitization from Fannie and Freddie. As a result, mortgage lenders won’t have to tighten their
mortgage-underwriting requirements in response to QM as long as they sell their loans to the GSEs.”

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