Buyer Videos


Buyer Videos

In this section you will find a series of videos to help buyers in their home buying process.

A great source of information to empower you as you begin your search to buy a home at the coast. Tips, forms, information and numbers….valuable items for anyone buying a home

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Buyer Videos
Welcome to Team Kathryn Real Estate 
Watch this video for a short introduction on how we can help as little or as much as you prefer and meet our 4 legged assistant at the end.
Buyer Representation in the home purchase process
Watch this video to learn why it is a benefit to you to hire your agent so they are representing your rights in the home buying process.
Why hire a Buyer Agent?
Watch this video to find out the top benefits of hiring a Buyer Agent to represent you!
Can I Fire my Agent?
Watch this video for the answer to this question and the 3 forms every Buyer should have when they hire their agent.
Buying a Home. How much can I afford?
Watch this video for lender requirements, credit scores, get a FREE credit report, and other information you need to determine this all important answer.
Wish List for buying a home
Watch this video for a procedure and form for creating the key items that should be on your Home Buying Wish List.
Home Shopping Tips
Watch the video to learn about limiting the number of homes you see, staying focused on the homes that meet your criteria and how to eliminate homes you visit from the list.
How much cash do I need to purchase a home?
Watch this video for a detailed two page worksheet with estimated ranges for costs involved in down payment, closing costs and pre-paid items at closing when purchasing a home.

Making an offer

Watch this video as it discusses the forms and information needed to complete the forms for an offer to purchase. What you need to know. Staying focused on the buying process. Remember everything is negotiable.

Due Diligence

To better streamline the home purchasing process, the Due Diligence Feature was added to the Offer to Purchase and Contract in 2011. The Due Diligence time frame gives buyers the chance to investigate the property they are under contract with. Kathryn Gorham  goes in depth to explain the Due Diligence process to you.

  Home Inspection
  Checklist for Closing
  Settlement Day


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