US Supreme Court Denies Nies Petition

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Beachgoers rejoice! In a ruling issued on Monday, October 2, 2017, the United States Supreme Court denied the Nies’ request for the nation’s highest court to review their claims. Unless later reconsidered, this ruling ends Emerald Isle’s 6 year legal battle with the Nies’. This case dealt with the public’s right to use the beautiful ocean beaches of North Carolina. The Nies’ were against public use. The Town of Emerald Isle, along with residents and tourists alike, are pleased with the decision and can let out a sigh of relief! The public’s historical use of beaches since time immemorial will remain intact. We are overjoyed that current and future generations will continue to be able to enjoy the gorgeous beaches Emerald Isle and the coast of North Carolina has to offer!

Come out to the beach this weekend! Play in the sand, swim in the ocean and remind yourself why the public’s use of beaches is such an important and wonderful thing!




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