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I want to introduce you Kay Provetero, Emerald Isle NC – Best Massage TherapistEmerald Isle NC - Best Massage Therapist - Kay Provetero. I have used Kay and her services since 2003 when I moved to the Crystal Coast. She has impressed me over the years with her knowledge, skill and zest for learning.

This morning she called me at 7:14am to remind me of my 8:00am appointment. You see I am prone to being busy and forgetting now an again so Kay helps me by reminding me of my appointment with a phone call and a cheery voice. What else would you expect from Emerald Isle NC – Best Massage Therapist? At the end of our session this morning I took out my phone to snap a couple of shots so I could share my appreciation of her work with you.

Kay taught school in some distant past and she’s being studying and practicing body work for more than 20 years now. I Emerald Isle NC - Best Massage Therapist - Wall of Certificateswasn’t exagerating in the least when I said Kay has a zest for learning. She takes body work training in a variety of modalities almost on a monthly basis. She has a certificate wall in her office – but that is only a sample of all the ones she has earned over the years.

Kay, the Emerald Isle NC – Best Massage Therapist, does many kinds of body work I’m not sure I can accurately recite them all. She does traditional massage, relaxation and Sweedish deep tissue. She also does Craniosacral (my favorite), NST, Miofacial Release, Kaya Regeneration Therapy, she’s a student of Visceral Manipulation, she has studied Trager Therapy and so many others that I don’t know all their names.
Emerald Isle NC - Best Massage Therapist - Body Charts
She knows, finds, and names body parts that I never knew existed. Kay’s not a big woman, but don’t under estimate her power. Gosh she knows exactly the spot to apply pressure.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that Kay loves her toys too from healing lights, lasers, aromatherapy and my favorite the Amethyst Biomat. Some therapist charge extra if you want to have your massage on the Biomat with Kay it’s just part of the service. Speaking of charges, Kay’s rate will surprise you too. Even though her services are on par with the Spas her rates are considerably lower. Expect to pay well under $100 for 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

You might expect that being the Emerald Isle NC – Best Massage Therapist, she has a good following of clients and you would be correct. Island visitors make their reservations for their vacation rental and their massage way in advance. Island locals usually have standing appointments. Kay doesn’t do email so you will have to give her a call 252-393-2087. Don’t be surprised if a man answers her secretary/husband may be the one answering your call and helping you arrange the appointment. Kay is located in Keystone Station on Highway 24 – 907 WB McLean Blvd – Cape Carteret.

I’ve been to spas, my favorite being Miraval in Tucson AZ, and I can tell you Kay is right up Emerald Isle NC - Best Massage Therapist - Keystone Station Signthere with the best. Living at the coast we have our hidden secrets and now and again we even share them with special people so consider yourself special.

If you are lucky enough to get an appointmnet – tell Kay I sent you!

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